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woman Golledge, Ada * ‎Jul 1875* Hackney, Middlesex,, England† ‎Mar 1956† Essex South Western, Essex, England
man Golledge, Albert * ‎Mar 1887* Islington, London, England
man Golledge, Alfred X Ruth Totman* ‎Jun 1858* Shoreditch, Middlesex,, England† ‎Mar 1926† Hackney, Middlesex,, England
man Golledge, Alfred * ‎2 Nov 1887* Hackney, London, England† ‎1943† Ilford, Essex,, England
man Golledge, Alfred X May Randolph Riley* ‎1 Feb 1892* Hornsey, Middlesex† ‎1969† Leytonstone, London.
man Golledge, Alfred Edward X Ethel Francis Ashman* ‎26 Mar 1877* Shoreditch, Middlesex,, England† ‎Dec 1956† Battersea, London, England
woman Golledge, Amelia Letitia X Frederick Thomas Souter* ‎29 Sep 1881* Shoreditch, London, England† ‎8 Aug 1969† Braintree, Essex,, England
woman Golledge, Ann * ‎± 1849* Hitchin, Hertfordshire,, England
woman Golledge, Annie * ‎Jul 1866* Shoreditch, London, England
woman Golledge, Annie X William James Nixon* ‎Jan 1897* Shoreditch, London
man Golledge, Arthur * ‎Jul 1886* Shoreditch, London, England
man Golledge, Athur * ‎± 1910* London, United Kingdom
woman Golledge, Beatrice * Leytonstone, London.† ‎1986† Canvey Island
man Golledge, Bertie X Edith Darnley Booth* ‎15 Aug 1892* Islington, London, England† ‎Mar 1971† Hackney, London, England
man Golledge, Bertie * ‎26 Mar 1896* Hornsey, Middlesex† ‎18 Jan 1985† Southend On Sea, Essex, England
man Golledge, Charles * ‎Jan 1901* Clapton, London, England
man Golledge, Charles & Wodledle* ‎Jul 1861* Shoreditch, London, England
man Golledge, Charles * ‎1822* Windsor,, New South Wales, Australia† ‎before 1828† Windsor,, New South Wales, Australia
man Golledge, Charles X Sarah Wright* ‎9 Dec 1839* 20 White Bear Gardens, Shoreditch, London† ‎14 Feb 1913† Hackney, London, England
man Golledge, Charles Albert X Ada "Sarah Ada Goldfinch" Goldfinch* ‎24 Jul 1879* Haggerston, Shoreditch, London, England† ‎13 May 1967† Enfield, Middlesex,, England
man Golledge, Charles Edward X Gladys I Driver* ‎1 Jul 1902* Islington† ‎Mar 1974† Hounslow, Greater London, England
man Golledge, Charles Thomas * ‎Apr 1880* Hackney, Middlesex,, England† ‎24 Mar 1958† Lewisham, London, England
woman Golledge, Charlotte X Richard Alcorn* ‎20 Oct 1808* Sydney,, New South Wales, Australia† ‎23 Aug 1851† Jerrys Plains,, New South Wales, Australia
woman Golledge, Charlotte Jane * ‎Oct 1847* Shoreditch, London.† ‎Oct 1847† Shoreditch, London.
woman Golledge, Charlotte Maria X William Taylor* ‎31 Oct 1854* Shoreditch, London.
woman Golledge, Cissy * ‎Apr 1890* Plaistow, Essex
woman Golledge, Clara Emma * ‎Jul 1886* Limehouse, London,, England† ‎29 Jan 1953† Langthorne Hospital, Leyton, London, England
man Golledge, Clarence George X Evelyn Pearl Alcorn* ‎1 Jul 1904* Tenterfield,, New South Wales, Australia† ‎13 Mar 1984† Ballina,, New South Wales, Australia
man Golledge, Daniel * ‎± 1857* Homerton, Middlesex,, England
man Golledge, Daniel * ‎18 Jun 1895* 15 St Dunstan's Road, London, E7, England† ‎Oct 1896† London, United Kingdom