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man Juby, Alfred Walter * ‎Oct 1914* Woolwich, London, United Kingdom† ‎22 Oct 1965† Greenwich, Greater London, England
woman Juby, Annie * ‎± 1874* Dorset,, England
woman Juby, Annie Harriett X Cornelius Henry Franklin King* ‎1871* Cambridge, Cambridgeshire,, England† ‎Jun 1941† Cambridge, Cambridgeshire,, England
woman Juby, Beatrice Louisa X Edward Young* ‎Jan 1876* Dorset,, England† ‎29 May 1940† Dartford, Kent,, England
woman Juby, Charlotte * ‎± 1871* St Andrew, Middlesex, England
woman Juby, Charlotte Strather * ‎Jun 1840* Cambridge, Cambridgeshire,, England† ‎1841† Cambridge
woman Juby, Dorothy * ‎± 1906* Plumstead, Kent,, England
woman Juby, Elizabeth * ‎1864* Cambridge, Cambridgeshire,, England
woman Juby, Elizabeth * ‎± 1867* Hoxton, Middlesex,, England
woman Juby, Eveline Florence L X Thomas A Butler* ‎1 Dec 1911* Cambridge, Cambridgeshire R.D.† ‎Jun 1973† Cambridge, Cambridgeshire,, England
woman Juby, Gladys Victoria * ‎19TH FebRUARY 1919* Woolwich, Greater London† ‎Jan 1998† Greenwich, London, England
woman Juby, Harriett X N.N.* ‎20 Mar 1838* Cambridgeshire,, England
man Juby, Henry X Laura Maxim* ‎± 1862* Haslingfield, Cambridgeshire,, England† ‎1937
man Juby, Henry X Mary Thompson* ‎1834* Hobs Trinity, Cambridgeshire, England† ‎15 May 1906† Cambridgeshire,, England
man Juby, Henry George * ‎1883* Cambridge
woman Juby, Isabella & William John Purssey* ‎3 Mar 1847* Cambridge, Cambridgeshire,, England† ‎Oct-Nov-Dec 1928† Highgate, London,, England
woman Juby, Ivy G * ‎Jun 1921* Woolwich, Greater London† ‎Sep 1921† Woolwich, London,, England
man Juby, James Patrick * ‎1910* Westminster
man Juby, James Patrick * ‎Jan 1908* Westminster, London,, England† ‎Jan 1908† Westminster, London, United Kingdom
man Juby, James Patrick X Maud Elizabeth Everett* ‎6 Aug 1884* Woolwich, London,, England† ‎Jan-Feb-Mar 1948† Woolwich, London,, England
woman Juby, Jane X Frederick Benn* ‎3 Oct 1837* Cambridge, Cambridgeshire,, England† ‎Dec 1888† London, Middlesex, United Kingdom
woman Juby, Jane * ‎1859* Cambridge, Cambridgeshire,, England
man Juby, John X Emily Smith* ‎17 Dec 1879* Woolwich St Mary Magdalene, England† ‎Jan-Feb-Mar 1955† Finsbury, London, England
man Juby, John X Mary Ann Fordham* ‎1791* Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk,, England† ‎14 Jan 1875† Cambridge, England
man Juby, John Alfred * ‎14 Feb 1900* Woolwich, London, United Kingdom† ‎Mar 1979† Bury St edmunds, Suffolk, England
man Juby, John Thomas & Julia Cresswell* ‎1843* Cambridge, Cambridgeshire,, England
woman Juby, Julia * ‎± 1885* Hoxton, London, England
man Juby, Kenneth James * ‎10 Oct 1923* Lewisham, London, England† ‎Dec 1969† Bromley, Greater London, England
woman Juby, Lilian D * ‎1918* Woolwich Area South London England

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