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Dad and his brother DickThe family tree section has now been split into separate areas for each of the Law/Rowe & Ball/Nicholson families.

There is an index of Names and Surnames which will link you to Family Group Sheets of the family selected. There is also a "Pedigree" view that shows, for each person, their ancestors. All three views allow navigation through the tree.

There is a help page too.

I hope you like the changes, as always, any comments or suggestions for improvement please contact me here.

If you find any errors or ommisions you would like to see corrected then please let me know by clicking here and I will update the data as soon as I can. I know there must be a few more births that I am not aware of and also I would like to keep the the dates (births, marriages and deaths) as up to date as I can.

The Law and Rowe Family Genealogy

The Ball and Nicholson Family Genealogy

 I have made a genealogy relationship calculator that will show how to calculate the relationship between two relatives. Find your common ancestor and find the intersection of the two relationships. So if both common ancestors are both of your grandfathers then you are cousins. If your grandfather is the other person's great grandfather then you are first cousins once removed.


The relationship calculator can be found by clicking here.

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